Conference Speaker / Panelist Information

Conference Participant Media Release 

  • The 24th TDI Biennial Conference will be recorded in entirety.
    All Presenters and Panelists must fill out a Media Release.

  •  You should have received your link to enter the webinar as a presenter. The email has the following information

Subject: Panelist for TDI 24th Biennial Conference

Body:  “Click Here to Join“.

That is your unique link to access the conference as a panelist. It should not be shared with others. 

(some of you may have a link from RIT – this is authentic)

  • If you have not received your Panelist link, let us know immediately –

Video Tips : Looking your best on camera

    • Light yourself from the front.  Try to avoid sitting with a light source behind you.  This will throw the shadow on to your face.
    • Wear solid colors – patterns in clothing can be distracting and they make your camera work harder
    • Frame yourself well – check your selfview in zoom – make sure you don’t have to lift your hands up next to your face to sign
    • Try to put your camera at eye level or above this level
    • Zoom virtual backgrounds are cool – however – if your lighting isn’t the best and if your background has a lot of things you are trying to hide then avoid virtual backgrounds
    • Use a wired internet connection if possible.  Wireless connections are less reliable for video communication.
    • Make sure your camera is on a stable surface.  If you are using a laptop, put the laptop on a table and avoid touching it.  This will prevent camera shake.  Putting your laptop on your lap or your arms on a table with the laptop will transmit every little move you make to the camera and this is distracting to the eye.
  • For the best viewing experience, we recommend joining using a computer (PC or Mac) and the latest Zoom client application ( Tablets, phones, and Chromebooks are not fully supported.
  • Set your microphone and video default ‘offwhen entering the webinar.
    We will notify you when to turn it on
  • Please join the webinar as a panelist at least 10-minutes prior to your scheduled slot. 
  • Please do not use the panelist links to watch the conference as an audience member. To watch as an audience member, register here to receive an Attendee link

Conference Format

  • There will be a mix of Live and Pre-recorded programming. All Live programming will have Q&A engagement between attendees and panelists.
  • Specific breakout sessions may require may a separate webinar link. Your personal webinar panelist link will take you the appropriate breakout room.
  • All other conference programming will happen in the TDI Webinar 
        • 1:30p DeafBlind Relay breakout session link (TDI Webinar)
        • 1:30p VRS Relay breakout session link (RIT Webinar Strand 2)
        • 1:30p IPCTS Relay breakout session link (RIT Webinar Strand 3)
        • 2p TV CC breakout session link (TDI Webinar)
        • 2p Web CC breakout session link (RIT Webinar Strand 2)
        • 2p IPCTS CC breakout session link  (RIT Webinar Strand 3)
        • 4:30p TeleCONF breakout session link (TDI Webinar)
        • 4:30p TeleEDU breakout session link (RIT Webinar Strand 2)
        • 4:30p TeleHEALTH breakout session link  (RIT Webinar Strand 3)